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Slow Yosemite

On October 6, 2017, a car crash on Yosemite sent two Eagle Rock High School students to a hospital, with one of them suffering a concussion and a fractured knee. Thankfully no crash on Yosemite has since grabbed headlines, but dozens of crashes continue to happen regularly and the imminent risk of danger remains. It is for this reason that, in 2019, TERA started collaborating with old and new partners to raise the profile of safety on Yosemite Drive through a new initiative called “Slow Yosemite.” Modeled after the success of previous TERA streetscape initiatives Take Back The Boulevard and Rock The Boulevard, Slow Yosemite is a partnership with Council District 14, Eagle Rock High School, Rockdale Elementary School, and The ROCK Community Center aimed at making Yosemite safer and more pleasant.

Our local school principals and Slow Yosemite steering committee members Stefani Williams and Mylene Keipp explain the importance of this initiative succinctly:

“The 1.6-mile stretch of Yosemite Drive between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Figueroa Street is on the City’s High Injury Network (HIN) and includes hundreds of residences, three public schools (K-12), churches, a recreation center, public park, small businesses, and a senior residence facility. Our kindergarten through senior high students, staff, and community members need Slow Yosemite to create safer passage for all!”

TERA will be hosting a series of kick-off and community engagement sessions through Fall 2019 for Slow Yosemite. We encourage anyone with interest in making Yosemite Drive safer to email us at