Scholl Canyon Redux

Scholl Canyon has returned as a community issue. Over three years ago, TERA, Council District 14, and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council along with other community groups banded together to oppose the expansion of Glendale’s landfill which resides in our backyard.
Today, Glendale is proposing something different…a Biogas Renewable Generation Project, which is essentially a methane recovery/power generation system.

At this point, we do not have enough information to know whether this is a good or bad thing for the community, especially without knowing if this includes another proposed expansion of the facility.
There is an Environmental Review period that was set to expire on September 30th. But, as seems to be the norm with Glendale, there was no notice provided to the community. But, thanks to the efforts of our council office, that comment period has been extended to October 20th.

So, what can you do:

1) Attend the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council meeting set for this coming Tuesday, October 3rd. Check the ERNC website ( for the time and location. There will be an agenda item regarding this issue.

2) Review the project at this link –

3) Send your comments and feedback to:

Community Development Department
Planning Division Office
Municipal Services Building, Room 103
633 East Broadway
Glendale, California

You can also call or send an email to case planner Dennis Joe in the Planning Division at (818) 548-2140 or (818) 937-8157, email:

TERA will continue to monitor and review this issues and keep you updated.

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