Pillarhenge Development

The special significance of the proposed development at 1332 Colorado Boulevard (aka Pillerhenge) is clear to the TERA Board. For those exiting the freeway, this is the first major structure that will be seen. For new visitors, to a degree, it will set the tone for expectations as they drive further into our community. The fact that this property has been blighted and abandoned for so many years, and that it has been extremely difficult to find an investor willing to make a leap of faith that he/she could profitably build on the property was part of the equation. The reality that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” was also a factor – some on the TERA Board were not thrilled with the design. At the end of the discussions, the majority of the Board agreed to support the projects dependent on the several caveats that we felt make this a better project for the community as well as the developer.

TERA’s Letter of Support for the 1332 Colorado Blvd. Development


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  1. Please, rethink your support of this project which is a terrible design and out of scale for the Colorado Blvd. Specific Plan and the size of the site.

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