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June 23, 2017
Eagle Rock Make Art Not Trash

Download a PDF map of the locations of all the cans.

Auntie Em's Kitchen| 4616 Eagle Rock Blvd. | Artist: Mary Jean Mallman

Back Row, Left to Right: Heather Hoggan, Co-President of Arroyo Arts Collective; Artists Kelly Witmer, Mary Clark-Camargo, and Mary Jean Mallman; Trophy Store Owner; Artist Kacy Treadway; Contractor Mike Perkins. Front Row: Pauline Mauro, TERA Project Coordinator.

Cactus Gallery | 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd. | Artist: Mary Clark-Camargo

Robin's Beauty Studio | 4735 Eagle Rock Blvd. | Artist: Frances Garretson

Senor Fish and Monkey Java Studio | 4803 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Suzanne Siegl and Helaine Melvin

Curves | 4870 Eagle Rock Blvd. | Artist: Marcela Ciszewski

Toros Pottery | 4962 Eagle Rock Blvd | Artist: Toros Tngrian

Spitz | 2506 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Luz Mack-Durini

Center for the Arts | Eagle Rock. 2225 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Toros Tngrian

XTC Training Center | 2131 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Mary Clark-Camargo

Colorado Wine Co and Brownstone Pizzeria | 2114 Colorado Blvd.
CJ Metzger

Mademoiselle Nails and Spa | 2008 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Kelly Witmer

The Coffee Table Bistro | 1958 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Megan McHone

Unique Nails and Spa | 1860 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Kacy Treadway

Women's Twentieth Century Club | 5105 Hermosa Ave. | Artist: Kacy Treadway

Tritch Hardware | 1620 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Linda Johnstone-Allen

Eagle Rock Montessori School | 1440 Colorado Blvd. | Artist: Marikit de Lara

Torres Construction | 7349 N. Figueroa Street. | Artist: Kacy Treadway

Torres Construction | 7330 N. Figueroa Street | Artist: Dawn Mendelson

JJ's Car Wash | 7321 N. Figueroa Street. | Artist: Valerie Daval

JJ's Car Wash | 7320 N. Figueroa Street. | Artist: Rebeca Guerrero