Fighting L.A. City Hall could get a lot more expensive

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There’s currently a bill pending before the California Assembly (it has already passed the Senate) that would allow liquor to be sold until 4 a.m. TERA wants to hear what you think – do you agree with this? Would you prefer alcohol to be sold until 4 a.m? Or, remain as is (currently, you can purchase alcohol between the hours of 6 a.m. and 2 a.m.)?

El Mercado at the York Village

Thanks, Felicia!

We couldn’t agree more! TERA is proud to support the Take Back the Boulevard initiative that worked with Councilman Jose Huizar and helped to bring bike lanes to Colorado Boulevard along with an additional $12 million of upcoming infrastructure improvements.

Candidate Forum for the CA AD-51 Special Election

Merton Avenue Crosswalk Construction

Hearing Notice – 4680 Eagle Rock Boulevard (Connors Bar)

Hearing Notice – 4211 Eagle Rock Boulevard (Target Store)

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